[iBlog] “Running With The Mob” By: @OpulentPREM #DoeNation

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This weekend I was able to link up with the San Francisco bay area group of photographers, called the “Flask Mob”. This event was put together by Evan Thompson (@EvanThompsonPhoto IG ) along with a few other friends. This past weekend was the fourth meeting for the group in San Francisco. The journey started on Leavenworth & Lombard which is the bottom of the most crooked street in San Francisco. A friend of mine noticed my increased passion for photography and told me to join them, so I did. Upon my arrival to the meeting spot I noticed over 100 people with cameras flashing everywhere, I knew I was in the right spot. As we took our route through the city, the group seemed to grow bigger as more people joined to see what was going on. I met a lot of cool people, did some major networking and of course got some opulent photos. For more information on the flask mob follow their IG @FlaskMob and also check their site http://www.RunWithTheMob.com.







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