White Teen In Blackface Responds To Black Critics: ‘Worry About Finding Your Dad’

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Its 2013 and yet the ignorance continues.

97.9 The Beat

two white girls in Blackface for Halloween

Updated: 8:48 P.M. ET, 11/1/13:

It has been brought to NewsOne’s attention that the picture above began circulating in April of this year:

Though the deluge of racist statements below were made by @dopebieber, as well as her stated intent to dress as “ni**ers” for Halloween, the origin of the picture is now called into question as well as the authenticity of the @kinkystyles account.

Thanks to Twitter user @VeronicaIsLive for bringing this to our attention.


Updated: 10:52 P.M. ET, 10/31/13:

Both @dopebieber and @kinkystyles have received multiple death and rape threats via Twitter as the picture of them in Blackface continues to gain steam.


Updated Thursday, October 31, 2013 at 5:35 p.m., ET

One of the White teens who posted a picture dressed in blackface because she’s a “n***er” for…

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