Road Trip with the #Workaholics @ItsLilPooh x @MouseOnThaTrack x @DjDowJones504

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The life of a Workaholic is a 25/8 experience, it seems. This weekend Lil Pooh(@ItsLilPooh) DjDowJones504(@DjDowJones504 ) and producer/arist, Mouse on the Track @MouseOnThaTrack) traveled to El Dorado, AR.  They invited OpulentPREM’s VP, AJ, to travel with them.  From the video, one can conclude that he had quite an adventure and lesson upon hearing various tracks in the club.  He stated, Man i didn’t know Mouse produced so many hot tracks.”,  in reference to all the Webbie & Lil Boosie songs that were played that night. Mouse put on a show,  performing a few of his older hits such as, “Watch my shoes” & “Cartoon“.  He’s also responsible for some new tracks from his most recent released project “What The Streets Need 7″. On this project and his latest projectMillionaire Dreamzzz’ he teamed up with New Orleans DJ Down Jones . Be on the look out for more work with Mouse and Lil Pooh on Lil Pooh’s Oct 31st expected release of “Workaholic 2”. Below are a few photos captured by AJ that night!

“I would like to thank the homie Lil Pooh for the invite to come out and capture the moment” – DoeNation








All Photos By: @DoeDottaOffTop







Link To Mouse On The Track Mixtape:


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