“Who Is @AceMitch 2?” video credit @UnoDanger – Album “Drive” – Oct 31st!!

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If i had to use one word to describe Ace Mitch, I would have to use “Determined”. If you had an opportunity to check out the video you were witnessing a re-enactment of a piece of his life that undeniably made him the person he is today. I don’t know too many people who have been in his situation…Ace Mitch survived, rehabbed and came back more hungry than ever. Many in the Hip Hop world tell entertaining stories of things they have seen, people they know, things they wish to acquire. But the real question is, how many of your favorite artists can you say survived a life threatening situation and still had the “Drive” to get up, dust them selves off and get back to work? We salute Ace Mitch, for one, being mentally able to re enact something so dramatizing and two, for not being afraid let the world know “Who is Ace Mitch”


Oct 31st. “Drive” The Album!!!!!!

For all inquiries contact collinsmanagementgroup@hotmail.com

Follow Ace Mitch:
Twitter @AceMitch
IG Ace Mitch
FB Ace Mitch


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