Drake Stays True To Self With Contradictory Emotions On NWTS

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97.9 The Beat


Days before its official Sept. 24 release, Drake’s third album “Nothing Was The Same” leaked for fans to devour, critics to critique and for social media whores to now have new material to reference.

And while the Canadian has never denied being an emotional dude, on his latest effort, he debuts just how erratic, disjointed and often contradictory his emotions can be.

The album opens with the braggadocios “Tuscan Leather”, which is a 2007 Tom Ford cologne The New York Times said had faint hints of cocaine, and retailed for as much $300 . On the song, Drake raps about the millions he’s earned by destroying other rapper’s careers.

Coming off the last record/I’m getting 20 million off the last record/just to off these records/ n***a that a record.

And while what he spits is fact, he doesn’t allow listeners to sit with the theory for too long because…

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