Bay Area Artist City P. “We Want City” Project Review

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1) Intro

2) Million Dollar PayStyle

3) Like A Hero ft. Davinci & Big Vic

4) Big A** Ego ft. Roach Gigs

5) Michael Phelps (Comma Zero & City P.)

6) 3TU

7) Rollin Slow ft. Erk Tha Jerk & D. Bledsoe

8) I Don’t Care ft. Young Dee

9) Grown Man

10) Get it Wet (Remix) ft. Remedy & Priceless Da Roc

11) S.O.N. (Stunt On Ni**as)

12) Loco

Link to “We Want City”

Today I received a inbox on Facebook from an artist promoting their project (like always). Usually ill  look over the message and check it out at a later available time (Especially if we don’t have a existing relationship). But this message came from an Artist that I’ve noticed for a while now always on the grind in the streets and the social media world that goes by the name of City P. City goes on with the norm “Here is my project check it out send feedback”. Then he went on to say “I feel this is my best project yet” that was the selling point. The project is a 12 track album by the name of “We Want City”! Its begins with a intro of some guys conversing on dope artist  one goes on to say the name City P. I chuckled at how the skit played out, it reminded me of the days me and my friends would debate on music. It never fails to amaze me how people that know a person (artist) reacts when someone speaks on that local as an artist. They always give off that disbelief expression as if someone you know isn’t able to be a good artist or be on the same level as major artist. The project has features from talent such as John Davinci, Big Vic, Roach Gigs, Erk Tha Jerk, D. Bledsoe, Young Dee The Singer, Remedy, & Priceless Da Roc. Being a fan of Bay Area music I was pleased with the production selection for this project. It still has that uptempo Hyphy dancing sound the Bay Area is known for but with a more City kick back player type feel. City displays his ability to touch different topics and emotions threw lyrics like a true MC! If i had to my two track as my favorite it would be “Like a Hero” feat. Davinci & Big Vic & “Rollin Slow” feat. Erk Tha Jerk & D. Bledsoe . Over all if your a clubber or someone that just likes music that makes you move “We Want City” is definitely one you need in your deck in the car, on your Ipod wile you workout, and at the house for your kickbacks.


Follow City P.

Twitter: @SupaStarCity


Instagram: SupaStarCity



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