@OpulentPREM campaigns with the “Southern President” @2DeepTSP

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Wile in Atlanta @OpulentPREM was blessed with a visit from Memphis, TN recording artist 2 Deep. Also known as “The Southern President” 2 Deep has been very active in the recent past pushing out music with notable industry Artist & Producers. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get 2 Deeps manager (@Dj007TheGreat) to join us but Opulent is very excited and honored to release the footage of 2 Deeps interview with our team.  We would like to thank 2 Deep for his time and also would like to thank the viewers for tuning in and exploring our blog.

(Part 2 Link) http://youtu.be/Zqn69Lio2ew

Follow 2 Deep on his numerous social media outlets

Twitter: @2DeepTSP
FB: 2 Deep The Southern President
Instagram: @DeepTSP
Youtube: The Southern President


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