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It is a honor for OpulentPREM to present to you Producer/ Engineere KC3D. You have heard his work if you listen to any of the following artist (Mariah Carey, Trey Lorenz, Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Tyrese, Bun B, Gorilla Zoe, Robin Thicke, Big Boi, Yo Gotti, Nipsey Hussle, Big Krit, Z-Ro, Lil Keke, BHO & RapALot) just to name a few. Opulent got KC to take some time out of his productive schedule to give us the inside on how it all started, some of his highlights, and low points in this game we call the Music Industry.


  • Do you remember the first thought and where you were in life when you knew that you wanted to be apart of this industry?

The first time i recognized what music was and was able to understand it was something that was fabricated i immediately wanted to be a part of it. I’ve been around music my whole life so it was kind of natural. My brother was an amazing singer and my dad always tinkered around with guitar. So, yeah, pretty much my whole life. though i really realized it was my true calling later in life.

  • Was this career your first choice in the industry or did you desire another career within the industry

When I started I didn’t know what i wanted to do, I knew there was a place for me though. I rapped, sang, wrote, started making beats, then i discovered engineering. That’s what made it real, the engineering. I decided that would be my in, the way i could become a fixture in music until i found what it was I was meant to do. It ran away with me because it so happened I had a talent for mixing which in turn led me into production.

  • How long have you been in the entertainment industry?

I’ve been working in the industry on a professional level since i was about 19 maybe 20., I’m 32 now, so that’s like 12 yrs.

  • Describe your hustle to where you are now to where you have come from?

Man I started out fixing coffee and sweeping floors and have done everything else there is to do as far as studio work is concerned to get here, and i’m barely through the first leg of the race so to say. I’ve done everything from recording artists I’d rather not hear for less money than you’d make at McDonald’s, to mixing records for producers like Mr Lee and Scott Storch. I’ve done whatever i felt was necessary to push me forward. You have to work. Nobody wants to invest in someone who doesn’t work, so I do everything I can to establish myself and continue to learn my craft and the business. It was, or rather is, a long road.

  • Where would you like to be before its over?

It’ll never be over for me as i see it now, but ask me again in like 5 years.

  • What are some key notes that you have taken from your experience as an inspiring entertainment industry professional?

The main thing, maybe the most important thing I’ve learned is, don’t ever stop learning. There’s always different ways to everything. Plus these young cats and this new technology keep changing the world almost weekly. You have to keep learning. And make great music. The music has to be there.

  • Was there ever a time when you said “This isn’t for me?”

I think everybody in this business who is serious has at one point felt like maybe they should quit and take the “normal” route. It’s a tough business, it can really take you to a dark place if you let one situation or failure define you’re entire career.

  • What motivated you to stay focused and determine on your goals/aspirations in this industry?

To be honest I can’t really pinpoint it, i’m just drawn to the music. I’ve tried to quit, but it’s like smoking, it lasts an hour or a day at most and I’m right back at it. I motivate myself really, that’s an important thing, to be able to motivate ones self. I’ve just always believed that I’m just as good as the next guy at whatever I do, I’m motivated by the fact that i know it can be done

  • Any words of advice that you would like to share with your fans and other inspiring individuals about the industry?

Learn the business. Point blank. I mean really study how it works. Understand enough about copyright law to understand who owns the records. Understand how publishing works at least enough to know what you’re looking at when you see your split sheets. Understand not only how, but why you get paid in all facets from sales to publishing to shows and endorsements. At the end of the day this is a business, if you want to be able to work with music and only work with music as well as maintain an income you have to learn the business.

  • Who were your inspirations coming up?

I found inspiration in all different kinds of music from different artists. Phil Spector, Smokey Robinson, Michael Jackson, Prince, Dr Dre, George Clinton, Freddy Mercury, Scott Storch, Quincy Jones, Mr Lee, man this list is never ending. All great music and great musicians, artists, producers, songwriters, etc. I just love great music.

  • Who would you like to work with in your field before your career is over?

That’s a tough one. Everybody. But, if i had to pick one, who’s alive and working, I’d have to say Bruno Mars. He’s dope.

  • Are there any people you would like to S/O that have been there for you through your journey?

First and foremost my Mom and Dad they’ve supported since day one. Mr. Lee, Scott Storch, UB over at MML (Maybach Music Latino), J. Ellis over at Rap-A-Lot, have all been an instrumental part of my career. My big homie Aleone been down for like 10 yrs now. And last but not least by fat is my fiancé NeNe, she’s been there for a decade as well and don’t ever trip, she hold it down.

  • What was your most embarrassing moment in your career?

I don’t wanna talk about it lol

  • What was the highlight of your career?

I’ve worked with so many big names when I engineered for Scott you’d think it’d be one of those sessions. But, it was when my partna Aleone hit me and said “Go on and look at Slim Thug new video.” So I went on there and it was the record I had placed on his Thug Show album called “Coming From”. I knew it had placed and all, but was not aware by any means that it was going to have a video. That was dope

  • What do you consider the “must-haves” in moving a career to a higher level?

Patience, a serious work ethic, and the ability to inspire and motivate yourself.

  • How would you categorize your art?

I hope I don’t fit into any particular category. I want my music to spread across all categories.

  • Who are your biggest influences?

Biggest influences are probably Dr. Dre, Scott Storch, Mike Dean, Mr Lee, and Pimp C.

Opulent Public Relations & Event Management would like to thank KC for taking the time out to converse with us and we wish you the best of success as you continue your journey. Be on the lookout for KC’s production on up n coming projects from Slim Thug, Damn D, Lil Pooh and more to come.
KC can be found on the following Social Sites
Twitter: @KC3D
Instagram: @KC3D
For all press and inquiries on KC3D the producer contact

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