Model Alicia Luv Gives Opulent a look in to her world.

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As you already know Opulent Public Relations and Event Management does a series of interviews of professionals in the industry that we feel are up and coming or shining so bright we need to get the inside scoop. We have interviewed artists, athletes, designers and more but no models. Which brings us to the lovely Alicia Luv from Dallas, Tx.  She has definitely  been working and doing it big just like a Texas girl. Check out her interview here….. Image

Opulent: Do you remember the first thought and where you were in life when you knew that you wanted to be apart of this industry?

 Alicia: I was watching the video beautiful by IMX aka immature actually and I was like I can do that.

Opulent: Was this career your first choice in the industry or did you desire another career within the industry?

Alicia: I actually use to want to be a singer. I was in a singing group with my sisters and cousin we named our group finesse
Opulent: How long have you been in the entertainment industry?

Alicia: I started trying to model in 2006 on and off . This year is when everything finally started to pick up for me

Opulent: Describe your hustle to where you are now to where you have come from?

Alicia: In the beginning I was just all about taking pictures and posting them on social networks thinking somebody will discover me, wrong lol. I’ve learned along the way you got to promote yourself, brand your name and network. So I started getting my body right and where it needed to be and started promoting myself to artist and directors.

Opulent: Where would you like to be before its over?

Alicia: I would actually like to have my own swimsuit line, which I am working on at the moment.

Opulent: What are some key notes that you have taken from your experience as an inspiring entertainment industry professional?

Alicia: Don’t give in to the people in this business keep it professional and make them respect you.

Opulent: Was there ever a time when you said “This Isn’t for me?”

Alicia: Yes lol I run across some frauds acting like they are big time and could get me on. It gets a little overwhelming when these men try to offer you a career if you give them what they want hint hint. I’m not down with that I’m strictly professional, I refused to be that video vixen that every man in the music industry had.

Opulent: What motivated you to stay focused and determine on your goals/aspirations in this industry?

Alicia: Modeling is something that I really love doing from getting glammed up for a picture to performing in front of a camera pushing yourself to see how great you can become, its a real art even though most don’t see urban modeling that way I’m here to show them we’re more than just being sexy lol. There is talent here.

Opulent: Any words of advice that you would like to share with your fans and other inspiring individuals about the industry?

Alicia: Yes to the fans that’s been rocking with me since day one, I genuinely appreciate and love you for that and for aspiring models build and keep building your portfolio and your image and just network it works.

Opulent: Who were your inspirations coming up?

Alicia: Lashontae Heckard and Tyra Banks of course the true legend.

Opulent: Who would you like to work with in your field before your career is over?

Alicia: I do a lot of videos I definitely would love to be in a Trey Songz and Usher video, and also would love to work with King or Black Men Magazine

Opulent:  Are there any people you would like to S/O that have been there for you through your journey?

Alicia: Oh yes my dad actually respected what I did hes not here with us anymore he passed November of 2011 I know he would have loved to see how far I’ve gotten with my modeling.

Opulent: What do you think are the most important aspects to consider before embarking on a career in the industry?

Alicia: Availability, cause there may be that big moment that could make your career and those moments normally happen at the drop of a dime where you have to drop everything and go for it.

Opulent: What was your most embarrassing moment in your career?

Alicia: Don’t really remember an embarrassing moment

Opulent: What was the highlight of your career?

Alicia: When i got an offer to do a Lil Kim video for her new artist, which I couldn’t make it was in New York and they called at the last minute..

Opulent:What do you consider the “must-haves” in moving a career to a higher level?

Alicia: A good team, a high fan base, talent, a good hustle game, and patience

Opulent: How would you categorize your art?

Alicia: I definitely would say I am a urban /commercial model

Opulent: Who are your biggest influences?

Alicia: As far as modeling I would say Rosa Acosta.And business-wise Jay Z and Kimora Lee Simmons.


For more information on the lovely Model Alicia Luv follow her on social networks.

Twitter: @modelalicialuv
Instagram: modelalicialuv


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