Chris Brown On Air With Ryan Seacrest

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OK. OK. OK. Before you ask me why am I posting a video of Chris Brown’s interview with Ryan Seacrest, understand that I’m a publicist, so every time I look at something, I think “what were you thinking”. So, with that being said….

Chris Brown has still NOT been forgiven for his altercations in 2009. At least not by all of the public. In December of 2012, he was forced to cancel a show in Guyana due to protesters. But in this video, Brown is heard talking and offering a “sincere apology” to Ryan Seacrest about for his actions of the 2009 event and the more recent event with the valet outside of a restaurant a few weeks back.

My thoughts, I wonder if his team was trying to play an “Oprah Winfrey” angel here, having Brown publically speak out about his actions with the most respected Ryan Seacrest. I also wonder if Oprah Winfrey would consider having Brown on her show so that he could possibly receive complete forgiveness and reconcillation from the public for his actions. Whatever the reason or logic behind having Brown share his apology on the Ryan Seacrest Show, why didn’t his team offer him media training? Now, I forgive Brown. I will never forget his actions, but in my book, he is forgiven. However, this lackluster apology that he offered for his brutal actions in 2009, it’s almost as if he ignites the anger inside of me all over again. I mean, is this all “we” get?

But I digress. I am a fan of CBreezy and his music and I hope that he truly does get it together because he is talented. And all of the negative media attention takes away from his talent. I mean, have you even heard anything about his new song, “Fine China“? My point exactly.



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