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ItsAllready Ent. speaks for itself!  Seeing this company name in bold print upon any background will make anyone want to inquire more.  As Opulent talks to one of the masterminds behind this established and successful entertainment brand (A1 is the other master mind of ItsAllready Ent.) which is also the CEO of ItsAllready Ent.  it gets interesting and full of near future endeavors that will rock the boat in the entertainment industry. As Opulent embarks on this spring quarter I had the pleasure of having a one on one phone experience with Mr. Joel Bosh. I originally was going to do a simple email questionnaire but Mr. Bosh wouldn’t have it (smiley face)! He wanted to chat and that was absolutely fine. So I began to prepare myself for this anticipated conversation.


Joel basically has stretched his hands in the entertainment industry; he has a journey of the longevity from the beginning of his aspirations to where he is today as we speak. He thrives on the endless possibilities of taking this entertainment industry to the next level. Being an entrepreneur is an underestimate as he is committed to moving forward and giving people great entertainment. He understands that it takes continuous work ethic, being focused, and determine to stay relevant in this industry. Knowing and learning the cutthroat tactics of this Game are key essentials that Opulent has noticed while having this one on one interview with Mr. Joel Bosh.  He has worn various hats in this industry; he is multi-talented to say the least. As he conducts himself as a complete professional and gentlemen during this interview; there is no doubt why this man has continues to make a brand for himself.


Joel Bosh started from Dallas, TX. As he started to create this unstoppable force of providing the entertainment industry his multiple talents as he began to take this industry to another level. Joel began doing co-hosting and cameos as a radio personality as an intern at a local radio station, which in return opened avenues for him to start exploring club promotion. Promotion took off full throttle and ItsAllready Ent. Became a brand; Joel and A1 are the dynamic duo of this brand. As club promotion went by storm Joel started to manage models to help promote his club adventures. When promotion came easily and a non-challenge something new was tugging at this brand. ItsAllready Ent. role as a recording label in the entertainment industry became another tackled aspiration with A1 and Quint Foxx as featured artist. The recording label has released more than ten mix tapes and three albums within the last 3 years. ItsAllready Ent. has evolved into the ultimate brand as they direct their own music video productions and music production as they reveal to Opulent that a music studio will be opening in the near future in Atlanta, Ga.   


Joel Bosh and A1 of ItsAllready Ent. are pretty much unstoppable at this point. He has relocated to Atlanta, GA. to further better build their brand across the globe as they strive for ultimate success. They have tackled promotions, radio, event planning, and model and music management. ItsAllready Ent.  focus on having a movement behind them not just a name but creating and building a brand that establishes longevity in the entertainment industry.

 For Quint Foxx and A1 music on iTunes go to:

 album: “Mafia Music”

artist: Quint Foxx


 album: “No Papers”

artist: A1


 For JOEL BOSH Twitter :

 For A1 twitter:

 For Quint Foxx twitter:



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