When PR Goes Horribly Wrong

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YMCMB hip-hop superstar Lil Wayne has not been having the best of luck lately. To start, during the last night of All Star Weekend at the Beats by Dre after party, Wayne did not hold his tongue as he rallied for the crowd to repeat after him as he expressed his strong dislike for Miami and The Heat.

If that’s not bad enough, after the release of the remix “Karate Chop” by fellow hip-hop artist Future, the public, more specifically, the family of Emmitt Till and civil rights activist, are calling out Wayne for his line that refrenced a comparison of sexual intercourse with a female to the brutal beating that led to Emmitt Till’s death in 1955. Descendants of Emmitt Till wrote a public letter to Wayne expressing their opinions of the importance of respecting the meaning behind Till’s death, the movement that spun from it, and the importance of keeping it sacred.

I don’t know if Wayne is going through a midlife crisis or if he is extremely stressed about the release of “I Am Not A Human Being 2”, but whatever the case may be, his PR team is in a frenzy, I’m sure. And if they aren’t, well, one can’t be too sure of how much more Wayne we will be cheering on in the future.

This is Miss Bliss, giving you another account for “When PR Goes Horribly Wrong”.


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