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Davey-D-purple-frameThere’s still a lot of fall out from all the drama Lil Wayne caused when he penned lyrics that vulgarly compared Emmet Till to a woman’s body part. It angered many, especially those in the Civil Rights era, including singer Stevie Wonder…People spoke out, went in on Lil Wayne.. The song was pulled and in good form Lil Wayne went on to kick up more dust and make headlines by dissing the Miami Heat, the NBA and the wife of basketball star Chris Bosh who he publicly claimed to have slept with…

Recently the family of Emmet Till spoke out and sent an ‘open letter’ to Lil Wayne via Vibe Magazine …You can peep the entire letter here.. 

Emmit Till Letter

It’s good that the Till family wrote an open letter to Lil Wayne..As they noted he was more than just a face for the Civil Rights Movement.. He was their blood..Their…

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