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ImageImageImageWe saved the best for last…as we anticipate the New Year, Opulent wanted to give you a special treat. Athletes are known to be one the highest paid and hold the highest reputation level in business alone. Opulent has taken the time to talk to one of the biggest names in professional boxing, Karim Mayfield, San Francisco native; has exceed numerous expectations and challenges within his career and he continues to climb the professional boxing ladder as he sets championship titles and records. Mayfield just finished winning his biggest fight in his career that was featured on HBO. As a professional boxer “being in a raw unforgiving sport of fighting for a living isn’t something you want to do forever, but as for now its all GO TIME for now! “ With that attitude of course success will easily follow; Mayfield is the NABO Champion, 3rd in WBA ranking, 5th in WBO ranking, and 15th TBF in ranking.  Mayfield brings an impeccable performance to his career of professional boxing with 10 knockouts out of 17 fights with a record 17-0-1.

Mayfield started professional boxing during a late era in his life. Mayfield expresses that he should have been a professional football athlete; Barry Sanders was a professional that Mayfield really admired. After 10 years of professional boxing Mayfield keeps himself motivated by staying true to his aspirations in life by encouraging himself with positive thinking as he expresses to Opulent “Accomplishing all that I set out to do, showing others that they can do what they want to do, and prove the ones wrong that said I “Couldn’t do it”.” These thoughts stay consistent as Mayfield continues take the journey as a successful professional athlete to the next level. Mayfield shares encouraging words with his fans expressing ”It’s thousands of ways to the mountaintop but just remember one thing, they’re all up hill”. He backs up these words of wisdom with a more factual street perspective stating, “Grind hard because if it was easy everybody would be successful.” Mayfield attributes don’t stop at professional boxing, he also writes music and does stand up comedy for fun.

Karim Mayfield has always kept family close, keeping family close is one of the core aspects in Mayfield’s life that motivates and helps him strive for success. He gives the credit of his motivation to his mother first and far most, his father, and the Mo Betta and Mayfield team are whom he keeps close to his heart as he embarks on his continuous journey in his career.  Mayfield is also a humanitarian at heart because he recognizes the world around him that is continuously suffering over countless acts of violence and the generation that still walks the earth. These reasons has kept him focused throughout his career as he express that “The family and friends that has been murder over the years, but mainly the ones that are alive and the offspring of the decease”.  Mayfield has continued to be determine to become the best in his division as a professional boxer and he keeps his family close as his key to motivation; these characteristics are what Opulent considers as a certified professional with unlimited potential to continue to become someone that possess excellence within life!

For more information on the Karim Mayfield and information on his upcoming events GO TO the links below to follow him on social media networks.

Twitter: @KarimMayfield1

Facebook Like: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Karim-Hard-Hitta-Mayfield/196194326438?ref=ts&fref=ts

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/karim.mayfield?ref=ts&fref=ts

YouTube: Mayfield Bio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xhy0CFvUlLQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player


YouTube: Mayfield’s Knockout FIGHT


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