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With all the excitement going on around CDOTCL6 during the anticipated sixth mixtape entitled The Tale Of 2 Bridges, which is available on that was released on Tuesday, November 20, 2012 Opulent was able to get the exclusive on this innovative asset to the music game. The climbing success of The Tale of 2 Bridges is doing numbers and is continuing to rise with 1,195 views, 41 streams, and 17 downloads in less than a week.  With 3-featured mixtapes on and six mixtapes in total there is no question that CDOTCL6 is a professional at perfecting his craft of rap.


         As when you try to accomplish any aspirations in life there are always a story behind it, no one gets somewhere without endurance. CDOTCL6 endurance was tested last year November 10th when his little brother Killa Keise died. This unfortunate event was enough for him to feel that this industry wasn’t for him anymore.  CDOTCL6 expressed, “That crushed me and I quit for like 9 months; no writing, listening to beats, or nothing. People have to understand that Killa Squad is a family everybody mama’s call everybody they son, so for somebody to take something so close to me it kind of knocked me off my grind. Then one day about 3 months ago I guess Keise spirit jumped into me and I went to the lab and knocked out 10 songs that day true story, but I’m better now and I know I got to keep it lit for him so I’mmmm Baaack!”


         As CDOTCL6 reminisce about his first experience with discovering his hunger for music, he takes us back to the 7th grade, “I remember like it was yesterday, 7th Grade on the school bus, cats use 2 sit in the back of the bus beating and on the seats exchanging bars. You know your typical cyphers, I was always back there and never spit a bar, but I’ve been apart of the culture all my life; but just never spit. So one day I let everybody go as usual then I came with 1 and the back of the bus went wild! I am a humble individual but that moment showed me my destiny and that was to be a part of this culture True Hip Hop Shit!”


         When discussing the experiences CDOTCL6 has had in the industry he reflects on the years that have gone by and advice that he would give to others. Your HUSTLE is all that a person has as they embark on their future, we asked CDOTCL6 to describe his hustle from where he started to where he is now in his career, he elaborates stating, “Well we all start misinformed, thinking you are going to spit a hot 16 and have a deal; we all know that’s not the case. I was blessed to be around and soak up game from a lot of Bay Area legends from Cellski Cougnut Guce Mess and a few others and just collected what they where doing Good & the Bad and became my own executive. I learned you cant’ look for the deal; work hard, get yourself out there, and the deal will find you. So I’ve been beating the pavement even when i had the SMC deal the grind never sleeps!” CDOTCL6 says he has lost count when it comes to counting the years of being apart of this industry. He speaks on the past years explaining, “I used to go to he studio with Cellski and Cougnut all the time writing in my corner waiting for them to put me on a song; then one day Nut came over like “what You Got?” I spit it and got on the Cellski & Killa Keise “Lil Big, Big Mafi” Album that’s around the same time me Killa & Cam City Started this Killa Squad Shit and its been on ever since.”


         “Every smiling face aint friendly and every hand shake aint genuine, you gotta get out and get it cause aint nobody gonna hand you nothing, so I keep doin Dot 247365. Get your business in order, know what your signing, and have great PR people. Also, love talking with people who can communicate, work hard of course, and most important keep the love of music in your heart”, as CDOTCL6 expresses from his own personal experiences with the entertainment business.  Over the past years CDOTCL6 has had some highlights in his career and some embarrassing moments as well. The highlight of his career was, “Going on the Bully’s Wit Fully’s Tour with Guce and The Boy Boy Young Mess; hell of an experience I love the road and doing shows, we even had Young Dro bouncing back stage it was Grand.” CDOTCL6 shares with Opulent his embarrassing moment in his career, but he tells us not to laugh, which CDOTCL6 “We Promise not to laugh.” “Don’t laugh cause all of you niggas have done it! Getting too drunk and loaded before hitting the stage and going blank forgetting the whole set that shit was bunk, but I learned my lesson and I keep it lite until the work is done.”  We asked CDOTCL6 what are the “must-haves in moving his career to a higher level? he responded, “Drive, work ethic, good music, and a lovable attitude.”



          As we speak on influences CDOTCL6 shares his influences in an abundance expressing, “ Whew! I can be here all day on that question but I’m Bay boy so of course 2pac,Cougnut, E-40, Hieroglyphics, Pharcyde those a few of my western influences. Then I have Jigga, Biggie, Nas, Rakim, EPMD, Method Man and the whole Wu. Also, I can’t forget about Busta Rhymes even back in the L.O.T.N.S days; real heads gonna know what I’m talking bout and R.I.P. Guru and oh yea, Big L That’s’ not all truthfully, the whole culture from both coast where my influence.  As well expressing who influence him, CDOTCL6 shares with us a few people he would love to work with, “Jay-z most definitely who doesn’t? Wayne and Ross, also I think Meek Millz and I would kill some shit with a mixtape.  E-40, which is in the works as we speak. Wale is someone that I want do a whole Project with. Kendrick that boy is dope, and really any and everybody who loves this Hip Hop Shit as much as I do.” Overall CDOTCL6 biggest influences are God, my Family & Myself and all of my fans A.K.A My Guala’s. Jamere, CJ, Elijah & Myah my children, and I wake up see they smiles and get to work every time are his motivation to keep at this rap game.


         In closing we get to the final words, which CDOTCL6 wants to share with his fans, “To my fans, keep supporting what I do, this whole Cut The Check Music Group/Killa Squad Movement. I appreciate each and every one of you and those who want to become an artist, its a tough game that aint built for quitters so if that’s you, quit while your ahead but if this is what you want in the words of Meek Mills “Keep Chasing Your Dream” hard work truly pays off!” Opulent asked CDOTCL6 how would he categorize his art, he responded “ 1 word EPIC!”


SHOUTOUTS: Yea, God because he gave me the strength and ability to do everything I’m doing. My wife because she stuck it out with me through the trials and tribulations. My manager Mario Cruz, Brad Davis my engineer, My brother Antwan “Goddi” Perry, All my Guala’s R.I.P. Killa Keise because he still rockin’ with me right on my right arm, Cam City, Da Robba, Scrooge My CTCMG Guala’s Tha Shiesty, One, Dom Dula, Cashman P, London City, Maine Event and all of you who got us in your Ipods, IPhones, and CD Changers, and of course Opulent for looking out on the interview.




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 You can also Google CDOTCL6 for exclusive leaked music and download @ CDOTCL6. CDOTCL6 music can be found @ ALSO! FOR THE DIRECT LIKE TO THE TALE OF 2 BRIDGES MIXTAPE GO TO




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