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Last time we spoke with XOXO THE MAGAZINE CEO and founder JR, we were intrigued with his journey of his company and the promise of it rising to greater heights. JR also spoke on the significance on networking within the entertainment industry. Throughout his insight within the entertainment business JR provided his clientele with the upmost successful management and consulting advice. Though networking is a core aspect of the entertainment business, we left out two critical aspects that is set in place to ensure that networking is continuously set in stone, which are establishing and maintaining relationships.

Networking can’t be done properly or should I say effectively and efficiently if one does not establish the relationship and follow through with the relationship in order to maintain the relationship. This ties into becoming a people person, one cant move forward in any profession without learning how to effectively and efficiently communicate with others. In this interview JR will elaborate on his perspective on how to establish and maintain relationship within the entertainment industry.

JR simply starts off by stating the cardinal rule of life, which is “Treat everyone the way that you would like to be treated.” When ask to elaborate he states, “I personally try to treat everyone like family and try not to get caught up in drama with anyone what so ever, even if someone doesn’t like you for some odd reason, kill them with kindness.” Honesty is a big factor in life period, so it would make perfect sense to continue this strategy within all aspects in life especially business. JR couldn’t say it better when he commented on honesty, by saying “Always be up front and honest with people!” He states that “It may come a time when two colleagues dislike one another and insist that you choose sides within a certain business proposal, if you tell each of them individually that this is business and not personal, that you are in this to benefit yourself and not engage in the drama, they should respect it, they should respect the fact that you are being honesty with them.” Honesty goes hand in hand with the infamous word DRAMA. JR comments on drama within the industry stating firmly, “Never discuss business or engage in anything publicly…business is always handled behind closed doors.”

In order to maintain relationships, “You must try not to burn bridges, no matter what someone has done to you or said about you.” JR explains how to go the extra mile with maintaining relationships through, “Always try to check in with people to see how they are doing and what they are currently working on. Before ending your conversation always let them know that you will be available if they need any help.” Mostly importantly JR makes a great point by saying, “Depending on how busy your schedule is try to make contact at least once a month because you don’t want people to think that you only contact them when you need something.”

In closing, JR gives some winning advice in general stating, “ When it comes to networking don’t be afraid to go outside of your product or company’s norm; you never know who you can help you achieve your goals.” The key in so many words is to remain optimistic and expand your social skills when networking, establishing, and maintaining relationships in the entertainment business. JR closes out the interview with enlightening inspiring words of encouragement in branding by stating that when starting a business try to choose a company/project name that can relate to everyone and doesn’t limit you. JR continues with the words of wisdom that one should try to choose a name that you also see on t-shirts, billboards, and other merchandise and media outlets. He says stay within spelling boundaries that are easy to spell; do this by asking strangers, they usually are your best critics because they are your consumers. Most importantly utilize your family and friends because they are your support.

Miss Dezi B


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