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The entertainment business industry is filled with optimistic innovative changes. There are different creative individuals that break into this industry everyday, whether in music, magazine, television, radio, film, modeling, fashion, and etc. everyone has a dream to do something different. What is here today, may not be here tomorrow, therefore staying relevant and current is the key. In order to remain current and relevant with the constant innovative changes, we as entertainment business professionals have to network. Networking is always plus because you never know who can assist you with a project and/or idea that you are pursuing.

Opulent PREM has recently caught up with an innovative individual within the entertainment industry that has broken through barriers and is continuing to climb up the success ladder with various business endeavors with his company. I would have to say that this gentleman is like an umbrella within the entertainment business industry because he has everything you need to become a success. As I took time to have a chat with him, he explained what he does and why networking is an important aspect to his company.

JR, the Founder of a multi media entertainment company called Eleven Mindz Multi Media Entertainment. You may know him to be the Founder and CEO of XOXO THE MAGAZINE. The success of XOXO THE MAGAZINE is just one project under this multi media entertainment company. Along with success with is own magazine venture; he has published work in THE SOURCE, XXL, FEDS, SWEETS, and MAXIM magazine. There is also consulting work that JR contributes to his clients; which he “advises them on the best way to attain their goals and teaches them the ins and outs of the industry and what things to lookout for so they don’t get caught up in possible scams and other hazards within the industry”, JR explains passionately as he speaks on his clients. When reflecting on what can be the most difficult thing in the industry he expresses, “Trying to navigate through everyone’s “BS” and finding hardworking like minded individuals to work with,” he goes on to express these concerns with explaining that, “In the entertainment industry everyone claims they can do this and that or they know this person or that person, when in actually they are on the come up like most of everyone else whom will meet”. As the conversation continued we spoke on the importance of networking in the entertainment business. I questioned, “How important is networking in the entertainment business?” JR states that, networking isn’t the most difficult aspect but he definitely feels that networking is the most important aspect because “It isn’t not always what you know or how hard or good a worker you are its more of who you know”. He speaks on the importance of networking by explaining, “One key is trying not to burn any bridges because you never know when or who is going to succeed and be able to help you reach your goals and when establishing a relationship with someone even if you don’t need them always try to check in with them and see how they are doing”.

In closing, the interview with JR, Founder of Eleven Mindz Multi Media Ent. expressed that networking is of the utmost of importance and it isn’t the end of the world but would make things a heck of lot easier, he ends the interview saying, “Could you imagine trying to build a building all by yourself? Well it’s 100 times harder than building a house by yourself!” Look forward to next week, where part 2 of this interview will be revealed on the topic of Establishing and Maintaining Relationships in entertainment business.

Miss Dezi B


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